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Ed Wingate Teslathon Article in Radio World Comments: 0

by cameron, posted April 15, 2015, 08:18:05 PM

Ed Wingate
Ed Wingate at the controls of his Tesla magnifier.

Radio World recently published an article about our friend and great Tesla coil builder Ed Wingate. Here's an excerpt and link to the article. Congratulations Ed.

Teslathon Isn't About Expensive Cars

For nearly a quarter of a century, a small group of Nikola Tesla faithful have gathered in Brockport, N.Y., just a few miles from where the Serbian electrical genius helped to engineer the world's first hydroelectric generating plant and forever established the superiority of alternating current for electrical distribution. They meet to pay homage to the inventor.

The occasion is a “Teslathon” sponsored in the late summer by Tesla enthusiast Ed Wingate. Admission is limited to a few dozen persons and some travel thousands of miles to pay homage to Tesla and witness the unleashing of manmade thunderbolts in Wingate's lab.

Read the complete article

W.W.T. 2014 - Winter Western Teslathon Comments: 6

by John, posted March 13, 2014, 03:20:16 PM

W.W.T. 2014 - Winter Western Teslathon
Photos from W.W.T. 2014
(Click image to view larger)

I recently attended the W.W.T. 2014 in Black Canyon City, AZ. As always, Chris and Henry put on a fantastic event for all those who attended. This year, there was a struggle to run coils outdoors due to lots of rain, but despite this, spirits were kept high! Henry, in the usual fashion, had his Tesla Band, with his own bipolar coil and two of Dr. Spark's bipolar coils, which worked flawlessly. Among other coils, there were some old fashioned SGTC's and SSTC's, and many other high voltage devices. Despite the weather, there was plenty of room in Henry's Shop for coils, and attendies came from around the world to visit the event.

Many thanks go out to Henry (Dr. Hankenstein) and Chris (Dr. Spark) for putting on yet another excellent Teslathon and I hope to be back next year! I took some photos of the event which can be viewed in W.W.T. 2014 gallery.

You can also see videos from the event at Dr. Spark's YouTube Channel.

John Forcina
Tesla Universe Moderator

2013 North Alabama Teslathon Comments: 3

by John, posted November 25, 2013, 10:43:09 AM

2013 North Alabama Teslathon
Photos from 2013 North Alabama Teslathon
(Click image to view larger)

Recently I attended the 1st annual Northern Alabama Teslathon hosted by Phillip Slawinski and it was a great success. Steve Ward, Phillip Slawinski, and I worked hard to get Phillip's Tesla Gun up and running, which was quite impressive. Terry Blake came with his twin mini DRSSTCs, along with his "Dr Zeus" Faraday suit which he used with Meikle Courier's big DRSSTC. To end the evening Phillip mixed up 4 pounds of thermite which we lit off in his back yard.

Terry, Phillip, and I took several photos at the Teslathon which you can view in the gallery to the right.

John Forcina
Tesla Universe Moderator

2013 Richard Hull H.E.A.S. Conference Comments: 1

by Phillip, posted October 16, 2013, 09:09:48 PM

2013 Richard Hull H.E.A.S. Conference
Photos from 2013 Richard Hull H.E.A.S. Conference
(Click image to view larger)

Cameron and I recently attended Richard Hull's H.E.A.S. Conference in Richmond, VA. The event was a great time as always, and there were plenty of demos and interesting presentations. Bill Kolb had his vacuum cannon which he used to shoot a ping pong ball through various targets, including a bottle of water provided by yours truly.

While we were in Richmond we visited Alex Tajnsek's lab where he demonstrated his magnifier for us. This is something that both Cameron and myself have wanted to see for several years since we started going to the H.E.A.S. conference. Watch for videos of Alex's coil on the Tesla Universe YouTube channel.

Phillip Slawinski
Tesla Universe Co-Webmaster

2013 Ed Wingate / R.A.T.C.B. Teslathon Comments: 1

by Phillip, posted August 27, 2013, 09:27:32 AM

2013 Ed Wingate / R.A.T.C.B. Teslathon
Photos from 2013 Ed Wingate / R.A.T.C.B. Teslathon
(Click image to view larger)

I recently attended the R.A.T.C.B. Teslathon in Rochester, New York. This was the 21st year that Ed has hosted the event, and my fifth year in attendance. Every year that I've been there has been a great time, and this year was no exception. There were several exciting demos throughout the day, and plenty of interesting conversations. Bill Kolb demoed his “Vacuum Cannon” with propane booster. He shot a ping pong ball from the canon at Mach 2 and blew a hole through a ping pong paddle. Christopher Dickey ran his large DRSSTC which put out arcs up to nine feet long. The designers behind the oneTesla kit were in attendance and demoed their system. The demo went quite well until it was ended by a bug flying onto the secondary and causing a flash-over.

John and I took several photos of the event which you can find in the gallery to the right.

Phillip Slawinski
Tesla Universe Co-Webmaster

William (Bill) C. Wysock - 1949-2013 Comments: 3

by cameron, posted July 22, 2013, 12:08:20 PM

Bill showing off his 13M, one of the world's largest Tesla coils.

The Tesla coil community mourns the loss of another legend. Mr. William (Bill) C. Wysock passed away on Friday, July 19th, 2013.

Bill leaves behind a legacy as one of the pioneers of modern Tesla coil design and construction. His coils have been featured in movies and TV shows since the late 1970s and are still in use today. One of Bill's greatest contributions to Tesla coil building was the use of large or oversized top-loads called "toroids" which greatly improved performance. Prior to this, most coil designs used small spheres or doorknobs as top-loads. Bill was mentored by and was close friends with the late Kenneth Strickfaden, who is widely recognized as the original master of high-voltage special effects.

I first met Bill at a Tesla conference on Long Island back in 2006. He and I had been corresponding via email for years regarding Tesla and Tesla coil building. I considered Bill a kindred spirit because like me, he was a Tesla historian and wanted to see Tesla receive the credit he deserved. I had the honor of visiting Bill at his home in California back in 2010. He and his wife Francis were gracious and made me feel very welcome. I felt, and still feel, very privileged to have been invited to his home and to call him a friend.

Bill, from myself and the entire Tesla coil community, know that we're grateful for your efforts and that you will be missed.

Cameron B. Prince
Tesla Universe Webmaster

Tesla's Wonderful World of Electricity Comments: 0

by cameron, posted July 10, 2013, 10:32:45 AM

Tesla's Wonderful World of Electricity

July 10th is Tesla's birthday and is also the grand opening of the "Tesla's Wonderful World of Electricity" exhibit at the New York Hall of Science in Queens, New York. The exhibit is presented in collaboration with the Nikola Tesla Museum of Belgrade, Serbia and features working models of his inventions, models of his laboratories and plants, photographic reproductions, and a narrative about Tesla's life and work. The exhibit will be open from July 10 - October 20, 2013.

Please visit http://www.nysci.org or call 718-699-0005 for additional information.

Tesla Day 2013 Comments: 0

by cameron, posted June 19, 2013, 03:34:17 PM

Tesla Day 2013

Join The Tesla Science Foundation to celebrate the life and works of the world's greatest inventor Nikola Tesla. Tesla Day 2013 will be held at the Philadelphia Ethical Society on July 7th and will feature live speakers, musical performances and local dignitaries who come together to inform and inspire. Be a part of history.

Please visit http://tesladay2013.eventbrite.com for tickets and full details.

ArcAttack with T.U. member Steve Ward featured in Make Magazine Comments: 0

by cameron, posted May 30, 2013, 11:47:44 AM

MAKE Magazine Spring 2013 Special Issue
MAKE Magazine Spring
2013 Special Issue

This past weekend I was perusing the magazine rack at our local Barnes and Nobel when I saw Joe DiPrima in his Faraday suit on the cover of Make Magazine's special Spring issue.

Inside, there's a four-page article featuring several photos of the ArcAttack team, including friend and Tesla Universe member Steve Ward, who is the team's bass player and lead engineer.

The article includes an interview with Joe and Steve about the history of ArcAttack and also a link to obtain plans for a beer-bottle-based Tesla coil project.

Congratulations to Steve and the ArcAttack team.

“TESLA” Radio Play for the Stage Comments: 1

by cameron, posted April 30, 2013, 01:44:49 PM

On Saturday May 4th, at 6:00 PM, the Pasadena Playhouse will present “TESLA:” A Radio Play for the Stage. The event is a fundraiser for the theater department at Caltech. Here is an excerpt from the Pasadena Playhouse event listing:

The Experimental Performance Laboratory at Caltech and the Pasadena Playhouse present Tesla, a radio play for the stage. Directed by acclaimed Los Angeles director Michael Arabian with live sound effects by the sfx artist Tony Palermo, Tesla will run for one day only on the Mainstage of the Pasadena Playhouse, Saturday May 4th, 6:00pm. Special guest stars include Phil Proctor (Big Brother, Toy Story) as Thomas Edison; French Stewart (3rd Rock from the Sun) as Tesla; Sandra Tsing Loh (Caltech alum and NPR’s The Loh Life) as Katherine; and, playing multiple roles, Dr. Ashley Stroupe, JPL Mars Rover Opportunity Driver; Dr. Steven Collins, JPL Mars Rover Curiosity Engineer; and Brian Brophy (Star Trek: The Next Generation), director of Theater Arts at Caltech.

For full details, please visit: http://www.pasadenaplayhouse.org/box-office/special-events/tesla.html.

Thank you,
Cameron B. Prince
Tesla Universe Webmaster

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