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Newsletter Volume 2   :   Issue 1   :   February 2010
Site Updates
Hello everyone and welcome to the first TU newsletter for 2010.

I know it's been awhile and I'm guessing that some of you wondered when you were going to hear from us again. We have been very busy behind the scenes working on many new things for this year.

Back in November I started the task of building a searchable database of all of Tesla's U.S. patents and I've almost completed what turned out to be a huge undertaking and very daunting task. The result, however, will be worth it. More on this later.

We've also partnered with a new design firm that will not only provide graphics and imagery for the site, but will also help us structure and prioritize the site better. More on this later as well.

For now, the big news is the upcoming W.W.T. Read more below.

Site News
Chris Hooper To Host T.U. Chat Session
Winter Western Teslathon 2010
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Tesla Universe Chat Session with Chris Hooper
Christopher Hooper
This coming Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010, Christopher Hooper will host a chat session in the Tesla Coils chat room on the Tesla Universe website.

For those who don't know Christoper, he's one of the masterminds behind the Winter Western Teslathon and a founding member of the Arizona Tesla Coil Builders. Chris has pioneered many improvements in both vacuum tube and solid-state Tesla coils. He is a master craftsman and his building techniques with Plexiglas are unparalleled. It's often difficult to say whether the construction or the output is more impressive when considering the coils Chris builds.

Chris will join the chat room around 8PM CST Tuesday night and will accept your questions for one hour. Chris will welcome any questions you have about coil construction, circuitry, best practices, etc. and maybe we can talk him out of some of his secret Plexiglas tricks. Chris will also update us on the status of the W.W.T.

Please mark your calendars and join us Tuesday night. We look forward to seeing you.
Winter Western Teslathon 2010
Highlights from Winter Western Teslathon 2009
It's hard to believe it has already been a year since the last trip to Phoenix, but we're looking forward to another good year and the opportunity to get away from all this cold weather and snow for a while. Chris, Henry and the other team members from the Arizona Tesla Coil Builders have been working diligently to prepare what will be the largest W.W.T. yet.

This year the event will be hosted at the school in Black Canyon City, which will give us a much large venue for the event. Highlights include many Tesla coils of course and a full band with multiple coil-based instruments. Rumor has it that Jeff Parisse may give us a performance in his chainmail suit and this will also be the first W.W.T. attended by another solid-state Tesla coil pioneer, Steve Ward.

Check out the Winter Western Teslathon event post for more information. We will post updates on the Tesla Universe blog with photos from the event. Hope to see you there.
That's all for now.

If you are like me, you're wondering who won the Tesla Roadster as part of the Dark Void video game contest. Well, sadly, there has yet to be an announcement. The official rules stated that the drawing would be held on or about February 2nd. I've been diligently watching the Dark Void Twitter and Facebook pages, but there has been no real news. We'll just have to keep waiting I suppose.

The next newsletter will announce the release of the Tesla Patents Database and will highlight the new design changes. Until then, happy coiling and hope to see you in Dalton, GA for the hamfest this weekend or Phoenix, AZ next weekend for the W.W.T.

Cameron B. Prince
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