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DeAngelis, Anthony J. · Event Horizons · Gernsback, Harvey · Linn, G. · Powell, A.M. · Strong, Frederick Finch · Tesla Coils, University Of WA. · Brown, Bob · Coefficient Of Coupling · Coil Length Vs Spark Length · Griffith Observatory Address · High Voltage Surge · Oudin, Pronunciation Of · Quality Factor · Surge Protection · Tesla Coils, Restoration Of Griffith Observatory TC · That's Incredible · Tesla Coil Construction, Principles Part 1, The Circuit · Tesla Coil, The Circuit · Bakken, Earl · D'Arsonval · Guilleminot · Massiot · Medical Electricity, TC On Display, The Bakken Museum · Museum Of Bakken · Oudin Coil, Photo · Thompson · Tesla Coils, Arts And Science · Formula, Energy In The Primary · Tesla Coils, Member Activity, Thorn Mayes W6AX · Antique Wireless Association · Antique Wireless Museum · New England Wireless Museum · Experiments, Part 1 · Safety, Do's And Don'ts · Tesla Coil Safety, Experiments, High Potentials, Frequency · Goldman, Harry · Herbach & Rademan, Inc. · Mendelson's Surplus · Meshna, Inc. · Research Equipment · Star Surplus · Surplus Sales Of Nebraska


The production of high voltages presents a danger to both life and property. Tesla Universe disclaims any responsibility for injury or damage incurred as a result of the information contained in its publications.

Both spark and vacuum tube/solid state excited high frequency circuits produce radio and television interference. Every effort should be made to see that devices meet FCC regulations. Operate equipment when it will least impose upon neighbors.

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