Magnifiers II - Basic Construction

  • A medium power magnifier extra coil running at 2.5 KW.A medium power magnifier extra coil running at 2.5 KW. Sparks are out to 7 feet with only a .018ufd capacitor!Theory
  • Techniques
  • Coupling Tips
  • Top Loading
  • Winding
  • Spark Gaps
  • Capacitors

This is the sequel to our original magnifier tape. Our first tape was for the neophyte and persons interested in detailed theory. That first video also included a lot of our early activities involving magnifier work. The one thing that has characterized our group is our research into magnifiers.

This tape is for the advancing Tesla coil builder or the person who has already built a couple of Tesla coils and wishes some specifics on the construction of the famous Tesla “magnifying transmitter” or “magnifier” as we have termed it. This tape will not “take you by the hand” through the detailed construction of a magnifier! What it will do is to give specific details and information relating to the construction of a magnifier system. It will be assumed in this tape that the viewer is familiar with how to tune a standard Tesla coil and also knows a bit about the coupling of coils within a system.

Richard Hull, who has been actively involved with magnifier construction for about 3 years, first covers the most basic magnifier theory. (For long and detailed theory see our first magnifier tape) Next, you are shown the system as a series of “blocked” units. (input power and conditioning, resonant tank circuit, capacitors, spark gaps, primary, secondary, extra coil and terminal load capacitance.) All of these areas are covered in some detail with information culled from 3 years of actual “hands on” experience. While most of this information can be picked up in great detail from our numerous 2 hour video report tapes, there was no generalized source for this information on one tape until now. You receive additional information and insights we have discovered since our first tape 11/2 years ago.

As in the first tape, you are given about 15 minutes of actual video from a number of our more recent report tapes, which actually show our work in progress with lots of “sparks and arcs” coupled with “on-line” information. Nothing outperforms a magnifier!!!

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