Minimal Magnetics!

Basics of Magnetism Explained!

1 hour of practical lab experience to give the theory some grounding in practical reality!

This two hour video tape covers the rudimentary theory and application of magnetism. This work focuses on the permanent magnet, its history and evolution in what might be described as the de-mystification of permanent magnetics. Basic theory of simple magnetism is covered and a little math is used to show the simple “Ohm's law” type relationship between the terms, permeability, induction, and magnetizing force. A study of the BH curve and how it relates to permanent magnetic materials is given. Terms are defined and discussed in a “plain speak” manner designed to yield comprehension rather than confusion. Numerous computer generated video graphics are used during the first hour of this tape to clearly explain permanent magnetism. This tape is not meant to be a college level course in electromagnetics, but more a study of “magnetostatics.”

Naturally, only a hands-on approach will ever teach most of us anything. During the second half of the tape, we are moved to the laboratory environment where Richard Hull physically demonstrates much of the theory turned to practical examples. These vivid experiments help “fix” the theory to practical reality. Covered in this section are: how to demagnetize and why, three separate and interesting ways to magnetize materials, how the Earth's magnetic field works, the difference between magnetically hard and soft materials, and finally, we see magnets from the 1890's of forged carbon steel up to and including the latest Neodymium-lron-Boron rare earth super magnets and how they are used in a few interesting “parlor” experiments to demonstrate Lenz's law.

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