Tape Report #1

  1. Introduction of our group to Harry Goldman and others.
  2. Richard Hull's large 10" coil explained with many technical details. Ball gaps are shown.
  3. Hull's 3" test coil setup shown and a capacitor discussion is given plus firing of same with Alex Tajnsek and Hull taking discharges via wrenches.
  4. Hull's 10" coil in action at 3kw.
  5. Bill Richards meets Hull for first lime and shows two of his coils at Hull's home. One of the coils is the same as written up in T.C.B.A. NEWS #8 vol 4.
  6. Nov '89 meeting at Hull's home. Tom Cosby's vacuum tube coil is featured and we transmit power across room, light plasma bulbs for a real fun time.
  7. A visit to Alex's house for a look at his first crude coil but we get it working and see his “flashy” glass capacitor!
  8. Another view of Hull', 3" coil with a Tesla regulating coil in primary circuit.
  9. A newly made 4" test coil by Hull is explained and fired.
  10. Jan '90 T.C.B.O.R. meeting at Hull's house features Bill's newly completed full wave coil in action plus Hull's 10" coil beefed up a bit (3800 watts!) plus a newly made polyethylene capacitor is tested on this monster.
  11. A visit to Bill Richards home for a firing of his old big 9" coil with brass “spitoon” discharger is a real blast.
  12. Closing remarks by Hull.

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