Tape Report #12

  1. Richard Hull with his \"Nemesis\" Tesla coil.Richard Hull with his "Nemesis" Tesla coil.Hull shows us his new gaps created just for the magnifier experiments.
  2. We are shown by Hull how old, useless, large value, high voltage capacitors can be broken up and reassembled into nice Tesla capacitors. New capacitors from older units can save a lot of money and hand building!
  3. Bill Richard shows us his new cooled static gap, some capacitors he has assembled and some clamp on ammeters he obtained from the scrap yard. He has also modified a potential transformer that had broken insulators.
  4. Alex Tajnsek shows Hull his progress in magnifier experiments. In a series of firings we see Alex has really got the hang of capacitively loading the extra coil to give maximum performance from a single neon transformer.
  5. Alex and Hull are in Hull's lab winding a new large magnifier secondary. The finished 160 lb. coil will spearhead future experiments in magnifier action. We see Hull fire his large Tesla coil for Alex.
  6. We visit the home of our youngest member, Buster Knight, where he demonstrates his new 3/4 inch diameter coil in mineral oil. Bill and Richard are quite impressed as this pee-wee coil boils off 5-8" sparks in a series of test firings. Buster has really progressed quite far into his Tesla research experiments and given a good account of himself at each effort. This shows that age, education, or even experience can't replace experimentation in coil building.
  7. Bill, Alex and Richard fire the magnifier system's primary/secondary as an overcoupled Tesla coil in preparation for true magnifier experiments. Hot flaming 30"+ arcs show that there is plenty of power out to an “extra coil!”
  8. Bill shows us yet another small coil he has wound up on a nice piece of phenolic tube from an old capacitor!
  9. Richard shows the magnifier system in full swing using a makeshift extra coil This is just to demonstrate the potential capabilities of such a system and show fledgling magnifier action. In this underpowered arrangement we see 2-4 foot arcs out of the klugged up system. Springtime should see a lot of better work done in this area.
  10. Bill fires his new small coil using his new primary coil. It is pre-tapped to a jack field for effortless tuning!
  11. Our still photo section is back with Jeff Mullins narrating some of his pictures contained in his giant photo album representing about 9 years of Tesla work and travels. Coils and devices made by Jeff and others such as Bill Wysock and the late Thorn Mays can be seen in this interesting 15 minute segment!
  12. In this closing segment, Richard Hull talks about how he and Alex were ozone/nitrogen peroxide poisoned on a couple of occasions. He gives warnings to anyone working with large coils, especially magnifiers, when working in confined spaces. Hull hypothesizes that the power density per unit area of an overcoupled magnifier is especially dangerous as regards the production of these hazardous gases!

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