Tape Report #16

  1. Richard Hull demonstrates how to use a very low voltage and power with a very small coil, quench gap and toroid to make a disruptive type coil totally silent and behave as a tube type coil. This little coil uses only 4kv and 50 watts to radiate lots of power for bulb and spark experiments!
  2. We see the giant Tesla coil in Hull's lab fired just prior to the Teslathon to shake out the cobwebs. All the magnifier work has left it dormant for a few weeks.
  3. Bob Svangren of Kennewick Washington, representing the Northwest Tesla Coil Builders has traveled to the Teslathon bash and we see him here, the night before, visiting Bill Richards at his new lab. Then, the next day, before the Teslathon, Bob is at Hull's lab taking it all in. With the visit of Jeff Mullins last November, this makes two people who have made pilgrimages from the west coast to see our work here. We are honored and proud to have people of this caliber visit us and share their knowledge.
  4. TESLATIlON-91!!!!! The second annual Teslathon held here in Richmond is shown in this segment of short snippets. In all, over 20 people attended. We had lots of food and coils to go around. Cars had to be parked up and down the street and the neighbors wondered what it was all about!
  5. Dave Sharpe shows us his winding machine that he and his dad have built. Dave's dad was a machinist for Phillip Morris while Dave is an Electronic Systems Engineer for Phillip Morris. Between them they have built a most interesting and inexpensive winding jig for small to medium coils. Dave winds a G10 epoxy/glass cylinder for us.
  6. Bill Richards shows us some modifications to his big coil. These include, a vacuum bypass capacitor and firmed cooling gaps on his static series gaps plus a pusher/puller airflow system.
  7. Richard Hull and his friend Gary Bashore visit Jim Roddy in Waldorf Maryland to pickup the free coils that Jim is giving to the T.C.B.O.R. It seems Jim needed the space in his shop for more equipment and we get the giant 12 foot tall coil which is 4 feet in diameter plus two others to take home and experiment with.
  8. Richard Hull gives some more magnifier tips and runs a couple of experiments in this segment. We see the cone coil setup of January repeated with new data being taken. Lots of info here but even more questions too.
  9. Our still photo section, this tape, completely wraps up Jeff Mullins long running photo album shots. We see some more of the early Roddy photos that Jeff took in a mid-80's trip to Maryland. Hull shows a tube coil built by one of our tape subscribers, Steve Clayton. Some nice lightning shots that Hull just photographed are in here too. Finally, in a rare segment we show some of Jeff Mullins tape he sent to us with Greg Leyh's coil running in California. This was the monster coil written up in Apr/Jun - 91 TCBA News!! I believe it to be the largest Tesla coil in the US!
  10. Hull gives some closing remarks and credits.

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