Tape Report #18

Large discharge from one of Richard Hull's large Tesla coil.Large discharge from one of Richard Hull's large Tesla coil.

  1. Richard Hull, after much proding from Bill, has built his first vacuum tube Tesla coil and we see it here in a semi-finished state. The coil uses 3-811a tubes and consumes over 800 watts. It radiates very well over long distances.
  2. The best short shots of the September T.C.B.O.R. meeting. Bill and his vacuum tube coil and Buster and his new 1/2 wave coil are the featured items in this short little segment.
  3. Richard displays all of his booty from the Va. Beach hamfest which includes a rare 45 amp Variac and we are also shown the results of his Grande Junction surplus shopping spree. A pitch is made again to “get out there and look.”
  4. Buster and Richard visit bill in his lab an see his new static machine purchased from Morris and Lee. The 80% humidity thwarts Bill's attempts to get the maximum spark from the device.
  5. Here, we are shown the opening of the capacitor Bill used with his big coil which bulged and failed on tape #17. Richard does the honors and shows just how catastrophic the failure really was!
  6. Richard fires the “Nemesis” coil at a reduced power level (so it won't mess up the video). We see the coil in both a real time pass and a slow motion “step frame” segment. Interesting viewing for the big spark crowd.
  7. Richard gives a very detailed discussion on just how to measure and compute the (“K” factor) coupling of a Tesla coil system. All phases are shown along with the simple math needed to determine this all important value!
  8. Due to the number of requests we have had on how to build chokes and R.F. noise suppression filters. Hull goes into how he does it for both big and small coils. Values are given as a starting point and ferrite core chokes are discussed for their use in very large Tesla systems. Emphasis is placed on the proper protection of transformer secondaries, especially the weak, high impedance neon sign transformer!
  9. Bill has been to the “yard” (salvage yard) and shows us his nice high voltage DC power supply. Bill has the static machine working much better here and we see him take a beating while getting zapped in numerous instances. This is a humorous time for Hull as Bill really soaks up the shocks.
  10. Our still photo section returns with 3 different coils and there action sent in by our Tesla buddies.
  11. Jeff Mullins has sent in his video report to us from California on his little polystyrene core coil which he has improved to the point of disbelief, but thanks to video, seeing is believing. Jeff has peaked the operation of this little 3" X 11" coil to the point where with a 720 watt input and a 12 X 3 toroid, he is producing 22-24" of spark! Jeff has done a fine job here and credits the T.C.B.O.R. with helping him achieve such phenomenal performance.
  12. In this final segment Bill shows us a recent acquisition. A nice old antique Tesla medical instrument!

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