Tape Report #3

  1. The definitive, in depth, take you by the hand, step by step construction of polyethylene capacitors! We use over an hour to show the theory, math and techniques used in building these super capacitors. We actually build four units while you watch.
  2. A pilgrimage to Jim Roddy's home in Maryland to visit and pickup some pole pigs. Alex and Richard Hull meet and talk to the big power guy himself and we see some of his coils during our visit. You also get a feel for trying to lift a pole transformer from grunts, groans and general discussion between Alex and Richard.
  3. Bill Richards at one of our meeting gives two amusing anecdotes involving coil hazards in his long Tesla experience.
  4. Bill shows us his newly construct polyethylene “bucket” capacitor made from freezer bags!!!!
  5. Bill shows us his new copper cylinder gap.
  6. Hull shows us his newly destroyed rotary gap!
  7. Hulls closing comments on computer graphics and future coil activities.

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