Tape Report #31

  1. The still photo section is as big as ever! A lot of folks are sending in shots of their systems. This time, we are treated to Tesla coils and high voltage equipment sent in by such people as, Richard Quick of Missouri, who has a large and interesting coil with 14 or our polyethylene rolled capacitors in it!! Richard is also working on magnifiers too! Next, Bob Svangren of the Northwest Tesla Coil Builders treats us to a large number of fine coils assembled by himself, including his giant “Krakatoa.” Bill Emery of Texas has set a room aside in his home for nothing but large Tesla coil experiments and we see the results of his work in photos. Louis Balint of Pennsylvania made the pilgrimage to the 1992 Tesla symposium and shares his experiences there with us in a number of great pictures including Bill Wysock's large 1/2 wave coil demonstrated there for the first time this year. Next, I show some of the recent shots or our magnifier #5 that just came back from being developed.
  2. In our “Videos of Others” section, we visit with Richard T. Lee of Ohio. Richard just obtained a camcorder and we see his excellent lab and work with DC powered coils along with a treat of him showing us his method for obtaining the delightful photos of the direct contact Tesla sparks that have graced the Still Photo section in the past.
  3. Richard Hull and Alex Tajnsek show off Richard's new primary and fire a small coil to, once again, show why multiple gaps are better for spark quenching than a single gap. We see them toy with Richard's new static generator.
  4. Alex has invited Richard over to his shop to see his new magnifier system. Alex, who really built the first magnifier type system in the T.C.B.O.R. over 2 years ago, is back on track as he shows he has “the right stuff.” The smoke detector is driven crazy detecting all the ozone after a long run of Alex's magnifier.
  5. Richard has fired the Magnifier #5 for visiting Ray Brubacher (our organist-composer) from Maryland. Unfortunately Richard didn't film it and the little system has just performed 2 separate arc jumps of 82" and he seeks Ray's testimony and that or his two sons in confirming this to the world. This makes magnifier #5 capable, of a rare jump to 6.4 times its own winding length!!! Another record is broken.
  6. Richard and Dave have “pushed the envelope,” perhaps a bit too far as they test a new coil that Richard has wound for the extra coil of #5. It breaks down due to too much inductance.
  7. Alex and Richard fire the first DC coil ever run in our group, and it isn't Alex's!
  8. Richard shows a diagram of a newly completed paper on Tesla's Colorado laboratory.
  9. Richard teases us for tape #32 with some new info obtained regarding “Q” research.

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