Tape Report #33

  1. Richard Hull's Nemesis Coil.Richard Hull's Nemesis Coil.The February meeting is shown with lots of fun for all. The first firing of magnifier #7 is shown. Dave Sharpe's new small portable coil is seen as well. We also dabble with an adhoc, un-numbered magnifier.
  2. Our little recent test magnifier, #6, is shown in early tests. We later see it in its final form. The results are ok, but magnifiers that are made too small can't have good operating characteristics that far exceed the standard Tesla coil like their larger cousins. Magnifier #6 fades into history virtually still-born! It appears that table top magnifiers are possible but not tiny table top systems.
  3. Richard gives us a short, final lesson on Q and its relationship to the coil form material.
  4. Richard and Alex begin winding the large magnifier #7! This is the largest and most ambitious magnifier attempted to date. It uses #10 wire in the secondary just as Tesla used in Colorado. The large secondary is wound on an extremely low loss high density polyethylene drum and after completion it is tested for the basic parameters.
  5. We visit Alex's lab for the purpose or working wilh Alex's new magnifier. He has a new spark gap/rotary and a massive terminal capacitance. Richard and Alex show us a bit or humor in the beginning.
  6. Bill Richards has modified his lab and put up special coil shelves. We visit our venerable member for an update on what he has been up to.
  7. Dave and Richard test fire magnifier #7 using the old 10" extra coil. The results are impressive but a special extra coil is planned for the tuture.
  8. Richard shows off some or his hamrest buys, including mica caps, wire and radioactive faced meters.
  9. The guest video section has two segments. Bob Ferry or Pennsylvania has taken us on a visit to see the famed Kaufman coil! This is a real treat to see. It has been modernized slightly with new caps and a new rotary spark gap system. We see it fire too. Next, Jeff Mullins of California has sent in a tape of he and his Tesla buddy Dan Wagner working with small coils which are quite hot performers. The Coup de Grace is their first ever, magnifier! It is a great perfonner to say the least! Well, what about the rest or you guysl??
    Alex and Richard have wound a new extra coil, special to magnifier #17. They have used the newer technique that proved so effective with magnifier #15. The much smaller coil has an unloaded Q of 178! This is a record for the TCBOR. It is wound on .... you guessed it, a trash can made of low density polyethylene. This custom ronn set our heros back two bucks!

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