Tape Report #42

  1. Richard Hull's \"Bat\" coil.Richard Hull's "Bat" coil.This 20 minute long photo section contains the photos of only one person! John Plyler or Denver has just started up a Tesla group in that area and has sent in about 45 photographs of their early activities last winter. John is becoming a regular caller and we look forward to more from his group in Denver. The photos of his tools, equipment and Tesla coil stuff will make you drool!
  2. We show you our newest member, Kim Goins. One rarely sees the ladies in a scientific hobby but this is the exception. Kim works at the Naval Research Lab as a co-op employee while she gets her degree in physics. She also works at the Science Museum of Va. We see a piece of plexiglass that has been bombarded by the 60cm. electron beam pumped amplifier at NRL. More of those lightning trees in plastic.
  3. Dave Sharpe shows us his latest little magnifier experiment investigating the use of pancake coils for the primary and secondary driver units. The system is variable coupled and performs well for 300 watts. This is from a seminal idea first shown by Bob Svangren.
  4. Brian Barry of Chantilly, Va. visits the lab and brings his Tesla coil. Alex and Richard pour over it and, after a few modifications, have it performing a bit better than originally presented. Brian is amazed at the increased performance from just new gaps and the addition or a toroid.
  5. The March meeting is shown. Bill is back with more electrostatic stuff and as humorous as ever. Richard shows off a huge electromagnet which he has brought into 60hz series resonance. It is incredibly strong and we see the heating due to Lenz's law of a piece of heavy strap steel. Richard has acquired three nice old Crookes type demonstration tubes and with the vacuum pump shows some interesting glow phenomena. Kim Goins does a short “Show and Tell” on her tritium luminescent light sources. She ignores all the silly comments and pushes on... just like one of the guys. This is a most interesting segment.
  6. A Grand Junquetion run!!! One windy March Saturday, Alex, Richard and Kim head to Va. Beach for a surplus buying spree at Grande Junquetion. You are actually treated to a nice walk through by Richard and a personal invitation to stop by and pick up Tesla goodies by the owner, Jim Holmes. Richard and Alex have acquired some nice caps from Mike Couture who lives at the beach and is a surplus buyer. Mike is the son of Jack (Jim) Couture of San Diego who sells the Tesla handbooks and programs. Small world ain't it? The trio then pay a short visit to Bill who is working swing shift at the radar sight.
  7. Richard tests out some NWL super low loss pulse caps that he has had custom made for future magnifier work. They are placed in Maggy #8 and it is run up to nearly 8KW. With the tune point slightly off, the extra coil is damaged but then repaired. Two incredibly long runs are shown to prove the capacitors have the “Right Stuff” and they acquit themselves brilliantly! Alex and Richard are amazed at the complete lack of heating and haven't seen caps this good since the ones they built on tape #3. Polyethylene and polypropylene are the finest materials for caps that mankind currently has available!
  8. Richard, Dave and Alex fire Maggy #8 again on a later date and also investigate the possibility of stacking high power magnifier coils to reduce the square footage required for a system. With some very careful attention to detail, it appears possible to stack the extra coil on the driver!
  9. The April meeting with more sparks and arcs. Maggy #8 is run. Kim shows us a few of her more interesting vacuum tubes collected over the years. Among the most notable, are some X-ray tubes and an unusual little mercury vapor rectifier.

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