Tape Report #45

  1. Richard Hull, Dave Sharpe and Alex Tajnsek pose with the Tesla magnifier.Richard Hull, Dave Sharpe and Alex Tajnsek pose with the Tesla magnifier.Bill Richards and Richard Hull unpack and assemble the the new Dynamic Systems Wimshurst electrostatic generator. Bill is amazed not only by the generator, but the packing material in this humorous segment. Bill, who is our “Electrostatic Guru,” approves of the new generator.
  2. As promised in the last video tape, we devote a little over 1/2 hour to Water Arc explosions. Richard has devoted the last three months to the study and refinement of processes involving this curious phenomenon. We see supersonic water jets pierce wood and finally, see cannon balls fired from the guns using as little as 0.3 cc of water. These capacitive discharge systems have as much as 20,000 amps flow for 5 usec. at 15,000 volts for a total peak power developed in tiny water volumes of 300 megawatts! Only 200 joules of energy is required to do all of this. This is why Richard hasn't been coiling recently.
  3. How to build a Rogowski coil! This segment shows how to make a current measuring device for any capacitive discharge system. It finds applications from Tesla coils to exploding wire experiments. The device is so simple to build, only a description is given with images of the finished device. Calibration is covered in lots of detail.
  4. The November 94 meeting sees a large crowd gathered to check out what Richard has been up to in his lab. Kim Goins shows off some interesting tubes and lamps. The water arc gun is fired and even used to blow up a ginger snap cookie as the meeting winds down.
  5. The Christmas 95 meeting is shown with the outside temperature of 65 degrees forcing the crowd out to Richard's driveway to look at Alex Tajnsek's latest scrapyard steal. He has found three ultra high energy discharge capacitors for $20.00! Dave Sharpe drives up with his truck bed filled with new magnifier parts for a planned system.
  6. Richard shows off a tremendous group of nuclear counter tubes which he picked up at a recent hamfest. He also shows how he tests the tubes for proper operation.
  7. The still photo section has contributions from Chuck Cook of Missouri, John Freau of New Jersey and John Plyler of Colorado.
  8. The video tape contribution this time is from John Sorenson of Mass. He shows us a bit about his work up of a new double coil system. He runs the nearly finished system at full power. It runs very well, indeed.
  9. Richard shows more hamfest booty picked up for pennies.
  10. Signoff is with a short commercial message during the last 3 minutes. New rare earth super magnets are offered to our viewers along with a new Educational Series tape called “Minimal Magnetics!.”

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