Tesla Coil Video Primer

Build your own Tesla coil from commonly available parts!

This complete 2 hour tape covers the history, theory, safety parts procurement, construction, and testing of the intriguing Tesla air core resonant transformer system! This captivating device as been a science fair winner since grandpa's day and has amused thousands of people since Nikola Tesla invented it in 1891. Great detail is used throughout this tape to assure a fully operational finished product. Safety is treated in great detail as the construction and operation of a Tesla system puts the builder/operator at some risk due to the high voltages used and produced! NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN!

This tape is not for the advanced amateur but more for the beginner. It really goes into detail throughout its 2 hour length! Many useful tips and techniques are revealed in the search for parts. You are shown in great detail how to wind a secondary by hand using a simple winding jig. The slow and methodical construction or an archemedian flat spiral primary is detailed so that you can almost work along with the video! A quick history of the coil is included to let the new coiler known what the Tesla in “Tesla coil” means! Theory is covered to assist the new user in understanding the coil's operation without getting too technical. An emphasis is placed on obtaining all parts from local inexpensive sources, thus reducing the burden of buying custom made or needlessly expensive parts. The scratch construction of a multiple copper cylinder spark gap is covered as well as construction of your own polyethylene capacitors. The finished coil is wired up, tested and tuned to wrap up this introductory tape. This is a tape that has been needed for a long time and we are surprised no one else has come up with one before we did!!!!

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