The Tesla Magnifier

This unusual form of Tesla coil has been around since Tesla used it at Colorado Springs in 1899. Few, if any, amateur coil builders have built or explored the vast possibilities of this fascinating and unique system!

This video tape deals exclusively with the Tesla Magnifier Transmitter. Since late 1989 the Tesla Coil Builders of Richmond have been deeply involved in assembling and operating this unusual Tesla coil. Few people other than Tesla and Golka have taken up the magnifier in detail. We have seen the advantage of allowing a coil to “ring free” without the wasteful losses caused by mutual inductance between a primary coil and a secondary coil as in a traditional Tesla resonant system.

The “Magnifier” allows this to happen! The main component of the magnifier is the “Extra” or “Free” coil. This is the secret and beauty of true resonant rise and represents the closest anyone can come to pure,theoretical, unfettered resonance! The primary and secondary of the system are relegated to becoming nothing more than a glorified, low impedance signal generator with moderately high voltage output.

You will see our early experiments with “free resonance” and how we saw the beauty, as did Tesla, of a coil Sitting off by itself and emitting sparks with no primary! Our early successes and failures are documented to allow the experimenter to mime our work and move out on his or her own and expand on what they have seen us do! At the head end of the tape we give a theoretical overview via computer graphics on not only the magnifier, but also show the theory of a classic Tesla coil and the free resonant system as well. The remainder of the tape documents, from our report tapes. our work starting with Alex Tajnsek's first work with free resonance to Richard Hull's magnifier #4 with 6-7 foot sparks from only 2.2 KW of input energy!

This tape is for experimenters and doesn't take anyone “by the hand” and allow them to build from a blueprint, but instead, shines the light of empirical experiment on the bizarre Tesla system called “the magnifier.”

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