Tesla Power Transformers

Their function and use in a Tesla coil system. Detailed data on obtaining, testing, and using this major component of a Tesla coil.

This video tape deals exclusively with the Tesla power transformer as used in Tesla spark gap, disruptive discharge coils. You are given a brief explanation of the theory of operation of the two major types of transformers used in Tesla circuits. A lot of detail is shown on the connection of these transformers and their protective circuitry. The viewer is shown the physical appearance of various transformers so that he will recognize them at hamfests and junk yards where they might be purchased at very low prices. A lot of information is given on where to obtain the various types of transformers and what is a fair price to pay. Some short video segments are shown of our group" raiding" a local sign shop for free transformers, as well as how to break into and repair old “dead” transformers so that they are almost better than new! Information is given on circuitry for protecting your transformers against “R.F. kickback” and how to keep R.F. out of your house wiring.

The transformers shown are neon sign, oilburner/ignition, plate type, potential, and large distribution types. Safety is stressed throughout the tape since all Tesla transformers involve the use of very high voltage secondaries on the transformers! Data on the correct “phasing” of multiple transformer arrangements for increasing power is given and a video segment on how this is done with 2 neon sign transformers is shown. A shot of a 4 transformer 2500 watt coil is seen at full power, proving that neon sign transformers can be used in a “big power” system!

Nowhere is there more “live” information on the neon sign transformer or on how to tame the might of large distribution transformers. This is a specialty tape and as such does not show how to build or wire a Tesla coil. What you get is 2 hours of no nonsense data and facts about how to select, locate, buy, test, repair, use, protect and connect transformers in Tesla coil system.

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