2011 Ed Wingate / Rochester Area Tesla Coil Builders (R.A.T.C.B.) Teslathon Follow-Up

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Ed Wingate hosted his 19th Teslathon the last weekend of August, this year. Cameron and myself were in attendance. This was Cameron's fifth year of attending the Teslathon and my third. We had a great time as usual and saw many new faces in attendance.

The Teslathon featured several demos and presentations throughout the day. The presentation for “Sir” Harry Goldman, who passed away last year, was very well put together and did a great job of telling the story of a man who will be missed by many. Ed ran his magnifier many times over the weekend, including several runs with the cage of death. Terry Blake (Dr. Zeus) and Jeff Larson ran a big DRSSTC and did a short performance. Ed brought out his high voltage capacitor bank and shank quarters, crushed cans and blew up several feet of tungsten wire. John Forcina demoed his QCW (Quasi Continuous Wave) DRSSTC.

Overall the Teslathon was a great time for all, and we look forward to number twenty next year.

You can see photos of the event taken by Cameron Prince, John Forcina and myself in the gallery to the right and don't miss the videos of the action on the Tesla Universe YouTube channel.

Phillip Slawinski
Tesla Universe Co-Webmaster

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My cousin and I were among the lucky ones to attend this Teslathon. We moved from Sarasota, Florida to Cortland, NY just this summer. We were fortunate to be close enough to go. We had a wonderful time there. It was the first time that we ever got to see Tesla coils live. I had been looking at photos and videos for the longest time and was dying to see a real one. It was great. Ed's big coil was absolutely awesome! I sat there on the cement floor staring at these huge sparks that I thought any minute would land in my lap. I got to see with my own eyes the brilliant white/blue/purple hit the door and the floor. There is nothing like the real thing. The cage was also a great experience. The big sparks were almost in my face! I was in awe. I got some film of my cousin in the cage:


It was also nice to talk to the makers and ask questions. There were a lot of interesting people there. I even bought a few things, things you would find no where else. I took a lot of good pictures which I have yet to sort out.

Terry Blake's performance in the Faraday suit was breathtaking. Seeing it live was so much better. I even got to see the suit up close to see how it was put together. It is a very fine chain mail. It was also neat to see a real Marx generator. I had never seen one before.

Teslathons are great. One can see things they could never see anywhere else.

We even had a visiting cat that came around who got pats from everybody.

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