2013 North Alabama Teslathon

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Recently I attended the 1st annual Northern Alabama Teslathon hosted by Phillip Slawinski and it was a great success. Steve Ward, Phillip Slawinski, and I worked hard to get Phillip's Tesla Gun up and running, which was quite impressive. Terry Blake came with his twin mini DRSSTCs, along with his "Dr Zeus" Faraday suit which he used with Meikle Courier's big DRSSTC. To end the evening Phillip mixed up 4 pounds of thermite which we lit off in his back yard.

Terry, Phillip, and I took several photos at the Teslathon which you can view in the gallery to the right.

John Forcina
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when are you all having another i live in the nashville area thats fairly close to morthern al

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There might be another next year.

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I have never seen any working coils except the one I made a long time ago that wasn't really tuned very good and would like to see others in person near Nashville TN id be willing to travel around 100 miles or so ,but i have a mini coil kit coming the onetesla kit i hope it works good.

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