Ed Wingate Teslathon Article in Radio World

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Ed Wingate at the controls of his Tesla magnifier.
Ed Wingate at the controls of his Tesla magnifier.

Radio World recently published an article about our friend and great Tesla coil builder Ed Wingate. Here's an excerpt and link to the article. Congratulations Ed.

Teslathon Isn't About Expensive Cars

For nearly a quarter of a century, a small group of Nikola Tesla faithful have gathered in Brockport, N.Y., just a few miles from where the Serbian electrical genius helped to engineer the world's first hydroelectric generating plant and forever established the superiority of alternating current for electrical distribution. They meet to pay homage to the inventor.

The occasion is a “Teslathon” sponsored in the late summer by Tesla enthusiast Ed Wingate. Admission is limited to a few dozen persons and some travel thousands of miles to pay homage to Tesla and witness the unleashing of manmade thunderbolts in Wingate's lab.

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funny mention about the tesla car im going to get to ride in one

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