W.W.T. 2011 - Winter Western Teslathon

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March 5, 2011, 1:00:00 PM

We're here at the Arizona Tesla Coil Builders 6th annual Western Winter Teslathon. Last night was mostly set up and testing, which is continuing now. There's too many coils to even count and more coming in every few minutes. Chris and a team of volunteers are setting up what will be the largest cage of death I know of. Henry is working with Phillip to integrate Phillip's new S.S.V.C. controller with his V.T.T.C. I've posted a few photos and more are coming.

The live video stream is up and running. We did have some trouble with lock ups last night, so we're keeping a close eye on it. You can access it here:

We'll post additional updates as we can.

Cameron B. Prince
Tesla Universe Webmaster

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Looks much bigger than last year's! Wish I'd heard about the date on the list, I would've come if I had some sooner notice... Oh well, I guess this fancy live video feed will have to suffice ;)

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It is 1 A.M. and starting to wind down. The best thon yet as lost count of how many coils were here (not one blew up A+++). Thursday night a rattlesnake was trying to get into Teslathon but did not RSVP so Henry cut his head off. All joking aside, thank you to everyone for making this the best WWT yet! I counted eight people in the cage of death and Terry head cam taking sparks from FATBOY just made it even better. It will take a while to absorb all the happen here, however, it will even take longer to get the smile off my face. Again thanks to everyone for a fantastic time indeed.

Best Rgs,

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A fantastic event indeed and the possibility to participate through video stream is a great improvement. Had a big, nice time! Many thanx go to Dr. Spark and Dr. Hankenstein for their efforts to put this up, to TU team and too all the mate coilers attending the thon. Thanx guys!

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