The following is a transcript from Tesla Universe's first guest hosted live chat session with Jeff Parisse of kVA Effects from August 19, 2009.

We had a good turn out and a great time. We learned a lot about Jeff and his current activities, plus came up with some ideas on how to improve future chat sessions.

We certainly appreciate Jeff's willingness to be the first and look forward to his continued participation.

cameronthere's the man...
JParissewow ... i'm not late... ;-)
HankensteinHi Jeff
JParisseHi everybody and welcome to the free form chat...
Phillip Check it out Jeff :)
PhillipSparkDodger Better watch out :P
JParissevery sweet!
PhillipMine pumps out 50" sparks from a 12" secondary :D
JParisseI like the plexy over the primary does it help?....
HankensteinPretty nice, eh?
PhillipIt doesn't hurt.
PhillipIt certainly helps hold the primary together.
PhillipI have to remake the supports.
PhillipThey're 1/4" acrylic.
JParisseah an upside down presentation... cool...
PhillipSeveral broke in half.
JParisseHey cameron... ready to sart?...
HankensteinI like the up side down idea
PhillipWhat's upside down?
JParissethe primary "hangs" from the acrylic...
Hankensteinhang it from the ceiling
Johnhi gius
PhillipThis one could do it :)
JParisseOK who is first with the questions?....
PhillipI actually bolted everything down in this one.
PhillipMore people should be showing up.
JParisseSacremento, California 1961.... next!
Johnwere is steve i would have expected him here by now
JParissehi Gary!
cameronhi gary
GaryPetersonHi Jeff!
JParisseI have news for ya Gary... but I'll let it leak out during the chat
GaryPetersonHi all.
PhillipOkay first question.
PhillipCan you send me a free SparkDodger :)?
GaryPetersonI'm all ears, uh eyes.
JParisseYes... but you'd have to indenture yourself for a few years.
PhillipHahahaha, what kind of commitment are we talking about :-)
JParisseabsolute perfection... ask anybody who has worked for me
HankensteinThere you go, Jeff...get 'em young and break 'em in right!
JParisseOK ready?
HankensteinCould you use an old timer?
JParisseI'll give you a million dollars to work for me... I pay in $15 dollar hourly increments....
JParisseyou're not an old timer... if you are I am!!!!
PhillipWhat kind of primary current do you run on SparkDodger?
JParissemy favorite boss joke....
JParisseOK now there is a good question the chat is officially started...
JParisseI don't know... Aron does... the total power level of the device is about 1500W
PhillipOh, what kind of IGBTs?
HankensteinHey Jeff, are you ready to pick up you chops again? We need another jam.
JParisseUm... let me look on the IGBTs.... Drums yes... with this ecomomy I might have to take up my old line of work !!!
Johnrecord producing?
PhillipJust talk to Obama, I'm sure you could get some kind of Tesla Coil stimulus plan.
JParissenight club drumming....
Johnah haha
JParisserecord producing became rap producing.. ;-(
HankensteinI bet we could pack the house with real time special effects.
cameroni have a question: what became of the deal with the black eyed peas?
JParisseCM600HA-24H... does that sound right?... I'm not really sure...
Johnbig igbt's
HankensteinThere you go...reliability in those CM600's
PhillipI'm actually not that surprised to hear you're using big silicon.
PhillipCan't have that stuff blowing up on you.
JParisserealiablity is job #1 It CAN'T FAIL...
JParisseI'd never sell another EVER
Johnheh yeah
JParisseok on to the Black Eyed Peas....
PhillipReliability is job #345529842389749823 for me.
Johnthat's why you have to overbuild everything
PhillipBig sparks are #1 :)
cameronur, big smoke
HankensteinChris tried to blow up my "Stroker II" coil with those SLOW CM600 at nearly 4khz!
Johnphillip lemme give you some advice, dont start a tesla coil company :-)
JParissegot it.... but I am here to give "another" perspective... ;-(
Johnhaha hank
PhillipA winking smiley?
JParisseno DO... please.... I need competition....
Phillip*sad face
JParissejust do it right so one's mistakes don't sully the pool
PhillipI've never seen someone wink and frown at me.
JParisseok on to the Peas...
GaryPetersonJeff, remind me of SparkDodger's frequency?
JParisseFirst.... all three guys came over to the shop in May
JParisseFergie was elsewhere... we demoed everything we had...
JParissethey LOVED what they saw but we not as impressed with the musical coils as I had hoped
JParisseanyway... it was hugs all around
JParisseit was clear that we make a great impression with the band
PhillipSo they dont' want to do the musical stuff with coils?
Johnawesome man
JParisseso they go on tour and shoot up to the top of the charts here and in the UK
JParisseI'm am in conversations with the band....
JParissethey texted me the night Polo Molina punched Perez Hilton in the face...
JParisseso everything is cool.... then....
JParissethey pass everything off to their tour guys
JParissetwo guys both have been in the concert toru business forever...
JParisseand are sitting on their hands because it has become an easy job for them
JParissethey said stuff like "We'll I do super bowl halftimes..."
JParisselike I'm susposed to be impressed by that
JParissehundreds maybe thousands of beople do halftimes
BartBAndersonJeff, you need to do a half time show
JParissewmat? so I can suck like Springsteen and AeroSmith.... JK
PhillipI'd be happy with just rolling TCs out there and running them.
PhillipOrdinary people might not be so impressed.
Johnyou would phillip :P
PhillipI don't need any silly pop music.
BartBAndersonHey, a Super Bowl show with "said" band and a coil in the background!
JParisseso they are asking me for very basic stuff like.... send me a list of all the shows you have done, where when, how many crates..... da, da ,da da, da..... I mean a huge list of "busywork" type stuff
BartBAndersonsounds as fun as doing taxes
JParisseI don't even have a plan form the band yet.... "I" need plans, drawings, specs.....
PhillipThey have no idea what they want?
JParisseit wasn't a pissing match... (yeah right) but they didn't know what the hell was going on except that they do superbowls.
JParisseThe tour guy leaked a email that someone was passing them a contact for a "new tesla coil guy"....
BartBAndersonOh crap
BartBAndersonLet me guess... no wait... I shouldn't
JParisseI asked who the new guy was and that it wasn't a good idea to trust high voltage physics to a "new guy"
cameronuh oh... yeah, my thoughts too
JParisseit might be...
JParissethat would be SO funny
BartBAndersonwouldn't doubt it
Johnany idea who the "new guy" is?
JParisseit isn't Syd Klinge because he is a friend (and I asked)
BartBAndersonDidn't ask your non-friends? LOL
Johnhey maybe it's steve ward :-)
JParisseno but there was two weeks of scilence... and then an apology from "Mr. Superbowl" about the mostaken email...
JParisseha ha ha
JParisseno.... Criss Angel go the word out about that guy....
BartBAndersonOh, that's hilarious!
Johnyou mean chris angel as in mindfreak?
JParisseyes... so the answer to the question is that we are working with the Black Eyed Peas to do something in Feb. hopefully....
JParisseYes Criss Angel... we did his coil in Vegas.... next question?....
Johnoh yeah i have one
Johnis it one of your coils that's installed or at least used to be installed in the MOSI museum in tampa FL?
JParisseNo.... We are installing coils in Chicago and Switzerland this year...
Johnnaa this was long time ago
Johni saw it when i was like 7
JParissenope... wasn't me... Jeff Belhary will know...
JParissethat wasn't that long ago... lol
BartBAndersonI'm curious about the Switz Museums coil...
JParisseOK I'll take that as the next question...
JParisseBrian Basura and Ross Overstreet
JParissemake beautiful pulse discharge machines
JParisseAron Koscho make a SparkDodger(tm) Mini and I made a SG-10TC
JParissethe ENTIRE high voltage show at Technorama - The Swiss Science Museum
JParisseis being converted to almost all kVA technology
JParisseby Effekschmiede, GmbH a german special effects firm
JParissethe best part of the job was working woth the plasma ball generators
GaryPetersonAny Tesla wireless demo yet?
JParissethat may fall outside of a "Tesla" forums so I can address that stuff
JParisselater but there is a YouTube video of the high speed photography we did while
JParissethe machines were still in California.
JParisseThey just arrived in Switzerland and
JParisseBrian and I get on a plane in a week!
BartBAndersonYeah, would l love to see the vid
JParisseThe Chicago coil
JParissegoes in in December
GaryPetersonI'm interested in a multi-physics model of the Tesla system, checked using actual dual Tesla coils. Greg Leyh has tried this.
See for Greg's circuit diagram.
JParisseOK Gary... I'll take that as the next question.....
JParisseWhat is new in wireless research....
JParissewhile you guys hash out the math....
JParisseI have been working on the money side....
JParisseI just signed a NDA today so I have to dance around a bit....
JParissemy long term goal is to support this research... WTP....
Johnsup steve-o
SteveWardbeen working on my toroid, just realized this was the JP night
TerryBlakejeff, since you don't have firsthand info on the sparkdodger, how about some specs on your SG-10TC?
JParisseOK great!!!! I'll finish my mystery reply about WTP first... youre in the queue
SteveWardi'll be checking back periodically, but im gonna be working mostly
JParisseI believe that there is legitimate research that can be found in the pile
JParisseof crap that people call free energy
JParisselet me say this....
JParisseI do not believe that anything is free
JParisseI do think however that as I said on Modern Marvels
JParissethat Tesla may have been on to something....
JParisseI don't know what that is but I do have a knack for raising money
JParisseand I am getting to a point where some legitimate funds can be put towards
JParisselegitimate research with legitimate enginneers and scholars behind it....
JParissehell Special Effects when down the tubes and the government
JParisseseemes to be the only one with money right now... ;-)
JParisseI might as well lend my expertise (directing) elsewhere
JParissecomments and onto the next question
GaryPetersonThat sounds encouraging. Thanks for the info.
JParisseYour work was discussed... so was Greg's... I'd love to help someday
GaryPetersonAre you familiar with the YahooTesla Wireless group?
JParisseno... I'm into TU !!!!
JParisse< a loyalist
GaryPetersonRemarkable that Terry entered at this moment!
JParisseyeah shut up and quit talkin' about him
GaryPetersonAs he is the group's moderator.
HankensteinWhere do we need to go from here?
JParisseOK on to SG10 specs
JParisse14" x 50"wl
JParisse3600 rpm 240pps SRSG
JParisse36 x 10" toroid
GaryPetersonI had a big name in the field tell me that my $1,250 award could be snatched up in a moment!
PiranhaIs that like the Pepsi Center coil?
JParisseno the Pepsi coil was the first SG20 a larger coil...
JParissethat was a great political story about not asking permission only to beg forgivness later
JParissethe begging didn't work... ;-(
JParissea guy form the NHL wanted the TC but didn't tell the Pepsi Center untill they hear it from their offices
JParissewow were they mad...
PiranhaI don't remember an upside down coil before it.
JParisseout goes the coil and I drive back to LA
JParissethere were others...
TerryBlakewhat was your wire gauge on the secondary and the primary thickness?
JParissethis one was specifically designed to work upside down.... after watching the failures (mine and others)
GaryPetersonAre you familiar with the YahooTesla Wireless group?
JParisseno... I'm into TU !!!! So you've never even heard of it?
JParisse20awg.. she rings at 144kHz (every time... we have built 20!)
PiranhaThat coil got me started working on E-Tesla.
JParisseE-Tesla was a ground breaker!
JParisseIt showed me things I never saw in my head!
PiranhaYeah. Now everybody thinks that stuff is easy :D
JParisseThe SG10-TC is the world's most widely used TC because of your help Terry!
JParisseit is easy... that's why some people move on to other challenges...
PiranhaBart and Paul have made if far cooler with the JAVA things added
JParisseI would but it is too late... I'm too invested in kVA
TerryBlakethe primary does not look very thick, r u using 1/2" tubing?
JParisseOK here is an endorsement.... I use JavaTC now too...
BartBAndersonoh nice!
TerryBlakehehe, even thinner than I guessed
JParissea "little" resistance in the tank doesn't hurt....
TerryBlakedoes it get hot?
PiranhaWidens the bandwidth.
JParisseno way.... I perfer ribbon...
PhillipI stopped using ribbon.
PhillipFEMM models told me it was B A D
JParisseyeah we'll bandwidth is a doubleedged sword in the field... I agree in narrow band
Bert_HickmanDRSSTC and SGTC are different - not as much primary heating for the latter
JParissethe SG20 used both a 1/2" tubing and ribbon in the same dimention
JParisseand the ribbon worked better but that is a spark gap coil at 20kva
BartBAndersonAnd compact doesn't hurt
JParissewanna hear about our DRSSTC work?...
Bert_HickmanYep - just anither set of tradeoffs
PhillipSGTC --> snooze.
TerryBlakeso, y r u using tubing if u like ribbon better?
HankensteinAre you using a 25kva pot? and, if so, what voltage?
JParisseOK first Terry....
Bert_HickmanOther Terry... :P
JParisseYes I don't want to change a winning design... the last eight or so have been identical... that makes me really happy... it is a grand design not to be messed with... I'm done and now it must make money (cash cow)
JParisseok onto hank.... 25kVA Pot?... not sure what you mean?...
BartBAndersonI assumed PT
BartBAndersonor pig
TerryBlakethen, the DRSSTC work
HankensteinPower transformer rating....KVA and Secondary Voltage.
JParisseOK... yes a 25kVA pole pig 14.4 kV, 240:120V
JParisseok on to solid state....
GaryPetersonHave you ever considered modifying it for wireless transmission. You could win the $1,250!!!!
HankensteinWow, that.s big. You must be getting very long hot sparks.
Phillipw00t solid state.
JParisseGary.... um... no.... the SG20-TC rents for $4500 per day with an average rental grossing $15-$25k (or more for stadium type shows) so the prize isn't
JParisseenough for me to hack up a machine.... OK now to solid state....
BartBAndersonyes SS
Johni agree :P
JParisseWea are working with a LA base performance art group called Lightning Temple
GaryPetersonI ment one of your SS coils.
JParisseThis group is interested in developing the technology
JParisseand are providing funds and manpower to do so
JParisseso we are pushing the envelope with them
JParisseworking with Aron on CW audio modulated designes
PhillipLarge scale?
JParissehere is what we found....
JParisseDistilled Water
JParisseyep that is what we are using to cool the primary
JParisseflows on the inside
BartBAndersonoh, water cooled primary...
Bert_HickmanLots of folks seem to be scared of doing this for some reason...
Johngood ghoice, non conductive...almost
PhillipAny reason not to use a larger conductor?
JParisseelectricty on the outside and special connectors that serve a dual purpose....
Goodchildhello every one
JParissewe want to reduce the size and capacitor heating and primary heating were the biggest problems
GaryPetersonYes, I've spoken with them. A little while back they were ready to set up shop w/ someone in the China. Much like Terrance and Phillip.
JParisseit is easy to cool the IGBTs....
Bert_HickmanDo you use any heat exchanger or just a larger quantity of water. Are you also using water cooled induction heating caps?
PiranhaYou want DI water not distilled actually.
JParisseyes The Lightning Temple is a big group but at their core are the best of Hollywood's below the line thecnicians...
Phillip13 well 12 right now.
Piranhadistilled will desolve the pipes but prolly no worry in your time frame of operation.
BartBAndersonWhat are the amps in this test mode?
JParisseyeah!!!! TU Roeck... thanks Cameron for hosting this "event"
PhillipHow about oil cooling?
JParissewe thought about oil and Chris Hooper seems to have mastered that but the idea was replaced by water for simplicity (aqnd lab clean up).
PhillipOkay, so you have a big heat exchanger?
JParissethe amps are in the thousands... it is really amazing...
BartBAndersonApparently yes, the primary itself
JParisseI don't like to be in the same room
BartBAndersondon't blame you... LOL
PhillipWait thousands of amps CW?
GaryPetersonThey seem to have backed off on the China deal. Probably best to keep things local for the time being. It is a little dissapointing that the subject still is forbidden for the most part.
Johnwhat kind of igbt's do you use?
JParisseChina deal.... wow... paper tiger.... ggrrrrrrr!
TerryBlakebigger than CM600s?
TerryBlakethat 1200A IGBT at InfoUnlimited?
GaryPetersonWhat ever happened to Terrance and Phillip?
PhillipChris hooper should be in here!
Goodchildi was looking at those
JParisseIGBTs.... no I think CM600s but theu may have gone up... 2000A sounds right...
JParisseno... because I really can't answer any technical questions
JParissethey are about micro UAVs
TerryBlakeis it using PWM modulation of the CW?
JParisseI have become the "office" guy over the years... it is sad...
PiranhaI thought Finn was running 4500A though something.
JParisseNo... we have applied for a patent on the modulation scheme....
JParisseFinn kicks ass... he is my EU hero!
BartBAndersonIs the scheme totally new or built on top of other designs?
JParissewere working of the Blaupunk patent for tweeters
JParisseso a mod...
JParisseI don't know that specs except that which our lawyer charges
JParisse< attempt at humor
Phillip<cricket noise>
PiranhaAny ultrasonic bias carriers?
BartBAndersonPatent lawyers are fun, aren't they... hehe
JParissegrrrr... don't get me started....
GaryPetersonWhat about a lighter-than-air UAV poweredand controlled by a TC transmitter?
Goodchildpatents are slow and hard to get.:(
PiranhaEverything I do is opens source. I starve them PLs :D
JParisseI do have a patent on the DMX control of TCs....
JParissethe ONE thing Terry couldn't get to first!
JParisseOK... next question... business, travel, etc>>>>
PhillipWhen do you come to AL
JParisseMid September...
BartBAndersonTell of your plans next week
Johnsweet jeff
JParisseOff to Switzerland... I begged to get off of it...
BartBAndersonEvery been there?
JParisseI don't like to travel anymore... I'm DONE
BartBAndersonme too... I understand
JParisseyes it is lovely... the people are lovely... I love the Germans...
JParisseI just don't like to get on a plane and be away from my kids...
BartBAndersonAhh, their still young then... hehe
JParissetravel while working is not whay oit is cracked up to be...
JParissenotice that Jim and Sam when to China?....
Bert_HickmanTravel USED to be fun...
PiranhaYou could write a viral song "United breaks Tesla coils" :D
JParisseneed young guys to come up through the ranks and see the world!
BartBAndersonAbsolutely... travel is for the young
JParisselike the navy... it is a really hard job... much harder than I ever thought
JParissenot the Navy TCs....
JParisseIndia had NO Copper!
PiranhaI hated travel when I was young too...
Johnhuh jeff?
JParisseThe technicians kept saying "No, Mr. Jeff Copper is for jewelry"... they had no idea that we use it for plumbing
JParisseNo copper wires, pipes....
Piranhaaluminum in India than?
BartBAndersonPVC Heaven?
JParissethe show generators all had "SMOKE" comming off of all the AL wire
Johncopper does polish up quite nice ;)
JParissewhich was all hot...
Johngeez that must have been scary
JParisseAziz, come over here. Mr. Jeff says that they have copper plumbing in the US....
PhillipAl wire sucks.
TerryBlakeIn mid-April, there will be a MAJOR announcement regarding Hollywood and the Tesla coil community. I'm talking about a highly visible group of people taking command of evangelizing Tesla's contributions and way of thinking. - JP
BartBAndersonI thought South America was bad... LOL
JParisseNo. Mr. Jeff copper is for jewelry... I must have heard that five or six times!
TerryBlakeI missed the anouncement, can u fill us in?
JParisseOK Terry that is the next question....
JParisseWTF was that announcement about....
TerryBlakethat was a email u send on the TCML on March 30
JParissePerhaps a bit of hyperbole but that was the announcement of our "parterning" with Lightning Temple to
JParissework on performance art and TC design...
JParisseThe Hollywood part is that there are many Hollywood palyers in the Lightning Temple
JParisseso there is a lot of clout. Sony is shopping a script
JParisseon Nicola Tesla that so far is rather fact based since you can have images in multiple sets, it's not a maintenance nightmare. you can have images in multiple sets, it's not a maintenance nightmare.
JParisseHow about this > David Bowie builds TCs...
GaryPetersonThe demonstration of wireless transmission is a big part of their agenda. Have you seen anything that they have done in this regard?
JParisseThat is planned for later... The funds are going itno the entertainment end first
JParisseOK guys 30min left... anymore questions?....
David_RiebenHoly smokes! This place is really full tonight. :P
BartBAndersonYeah, David Bowie and TC's
JParisseI think that is so cool... I think of him toiling away... reading up on pupman etc... ha ha ha
BartBAndersonI think of him using Javatc... haha
JParisseLOL !!!!
PhillipYou would say that :P
TerryBlakehow about some SG-20TC specs?
BartBAndersonLove David Bowie... one of my all time favorite people and performer
PiranhaMaybe he will write a TC song
Bert_HickmanTesla would have killed for the tools and materials we have today...
BartBAndersonYeah, maybe write a TC song... we could use a new one...
David_RiebenDavid Bowie, guess my favorite of his is "Rebel, Rebel", Bart.
HankensteinJeff, can you tell me a little more about the Lightning Temple Group...they contacted us a while back.
JParissehe is really shy about TC stuff... never asked for any help... likes to tinker like most of us....
PiranhaMy $450 laptop does more calculations in 1/1000th of a second than he did in his entire life :)
JParisseOK SG20 specs and them more on Ligfhtning Temple.....
PhillipWhat if Bowie uses Win TEsla?
BartBAndersonOh, that's fine too
JParisse22" secondary 18awg... long.. I don't remember about 8'
David_RiebenYea, we do need a good song writen about Tesla coils.
JParisse25kVA power supply
cameronhe's copying hooper's design so his coil can play Suffragette City...
JParisse4 x 1256D 4 x W50.... 320A contactor...
PhillipCameron's got a 36" tube sitting on his back porch.
JParisse25kVA pig at 15kV custom wound
cameronshhh... that's not public yet
Johnyeah this is the only tesla song and it kinda sucks :-)
JParisseseven turn primary for topload "attachments" like Andy Lau
Phillip:-) Whoops
David_RiebenI've got a 25 kVA, 14.4 kV rated pig myself.
JParissehandy unit...
JParisseOK now for Lightning Temple
David_RiebenYep, nice and heavy, that's for sure. :O
JParisseOK sorry 59".... Fsec 60kHz
TerryBlakenearly 5 foot, nice
JParisseLightning Temple is run from a shop on Pico on the west side of LA
PhillipWoah 60kHz
PhillipThat high?
TerryBlakemaybe we can drive it with IGBTs?
JParisseThe principals are a husband and wife team. The husband works in the movies (he was the technician that fitted all the coustumes in Tron with lights and stuff)
JParisseand the wife is an online community bulider
BartBAndersonyeah, that was cool
JParissethat has many corporate clinets
JParissetogether they live at the shop wuth 20 other artists and musicians
JParissein whay I guess one could call a "commune" but it really is more "business' than that
JParisseEverytime I go to a fund raiding meeting, I meet someone new and famous or quasi so...
JParisselike Tom Petty's drummer the last meeting...
JParisseit is probably the best group to affect pop culture
David_RiebenHey, John, that was NOT the only song about Tesla, check this one out:
JParisseas everything comes from LA and these guys are the guys that are the creatives behind that ...
JParisseI don't really think that
JParisseI'm jsut trying to make a point
JParisseTesla name is really getting out there
BartBAndersonIt sure is
JParissean Lightning Temple is one of the conduits
PiranhaSo what is the product of Ligthning Temple?
TerryBlakelooks like they have an SG-10TC and a faraday suit
JParissePerformance art... mostly Cirque du Soleil type with more fire...
Johnhaha david
JParisseYeah I donated the services of the SG10 for a photo shoot...
David_RiebenYep, John, and sung by who other than - Tesla. :P
BartBAndersonYes, I can see how SG10 is a cash cow... big and protable
JParisseHere is how to use a TC to raise money for charity....
JParissevery portable... one person can set it up without any tools
PhillipTHe delicious smell of ozone.
PhillipSo refreshing.
HankensteinJeff, have you seen our new controller that changes the spark length and pitch on the fly?
JParisseThe Torrance city mayor chickened out
JParisseso we had to fry a councilman!
JParisseNo, Hank, I have not... but I am interested in permoting musical instruments and you and Chris are prime luthiers!
PhillipHad the fire department there
JParisseOh yeah!!!! Love the fire department... they love mayhem!
BartBAndersonDamn Jeff, he didn't even flinch!
PhillipYou finally made it, Chris!
David_RiebenI wouldn't mind "frying" my mayor and some of the councilmen to boot. >:-D
Dr_Sparkyep here
BartBAndersonHi Chris
HankensteinHet ghris!
Dr_Sparkgood day to all
JParissenot only that but the chick in the white pants would have had me right there if I wasn't married!
David_RiebenIt's the one and only Chris Hooper! How the heck are you?
PhillipCheck this out, Chris ->
cameronthe doctor's in...
JParissefashionably late...
Dr_Sparkgoood making a bigggg VTTC
BartBAndersonhehe Jeff
PhillipConstructed with your preferred material, acrylic :)
HankensteinJeff, the link to the demo is
BartBAndersonAcrylic,... of course
PhillipI just started over and threw that little coil I brought to the WWT away.
BartBAndersonwater tank?
PhillipThe Hoopertron liquid plasma plate transformer?
JohnDR spark, i am teslacoolguy from 4hv
BartBAndersonOK Phillip, John, Steve... going oil filled on my VTTC..
HankensteinDon't lie, Chris. The next coil is made out of cast iron!
Johnwhy not plexi? :P
PhillipGotta join the club?
Dr_SparkOnly a 15kva 7kv piggy
JParisseHank... I did see that video... You and Chris need to polich your marketing. You're too talented to pass by. I'd love to help YOU bring your products to market... Call me sometime...
HankensteinWoops...didn't mean to give it away!
PhillipThat disco ball is funny.
HankensteinJeff, you have no idea how hard it was to keep a straight face on that one!
Johni saw the youtube vid and i cracked up
JParisseyou guys are totally on the right track...
Dr_SparkJeff are you coming to WWT 2010?
JParisseAmerica, Hell Yeah!
Johnteam america :-)
PhillipYou have to prove it Jeff.
David_RiebenHAnk are you the one that was playing "Wipe Out" on an electric guitar through a SSTC on a youtube video?
PhillipJust like Gary had to prove his loyalty.... :-)
Hankensteinyah....that was way back when...our first modulator
JParisse;-) but how can I prove you can trust me?...
PhillipHeh, I recognize the scope in your video, Henry.
David_RiebenBeing somewhat of an ameteur guitarist myself, I thought that was a pretty cool concept.
JParissedon't get me started on Team America... this will go donwhill fast... I love that movie...
PhillipLooks quite like mine :D
HankensteinDavid, that was our prototype vttc using a drsstc controller
BartBAndersonPerfect Hank, why not...
Johnhaha jeff
JParisseOK guys... 10 minutes left of me, me, me...
David_RiebenCan you feasibly modulate a DRSSTC with the input from a guitar's humbucker pick-ups, then?
JParisseanymore questions?....
David_RiebenI came into the game too late to really conjer up any good questions for you, Jeff. :P
PhillipDid you ever find a way to get the DOlphs EB-41 through the mail?
Dr_SparkJeff like to talk to you on the phone sometime or maybe ride up on my Harley and visit?
JParissePhilip.... If you still want some... I can buy it and have EIS send it to you... my pleasure....
PhillipCool class e video, Henry.
HankensteinYah...what about playing our controller through your spark dodger?
JParisseChris... I'd show you a good time my friend!
PhillipOh, well, i don't want you to have to go through that much trouble.
BartBAndersonHere's a question Jeff.... ever thought about hosing a coiler event?
Johnchris are you going to stick around here for a little while?
PhillipI need to find a black coil form.
JParisseit is less throuble than my trip to the post office ... :D
HankensteinI'll bring my trailer and a stretcher!
David_RiebenOh, Jeff, I have one. Do you think it a good idea to ground the secondary and primary coils together at the bottom to RF ground?
JParisseFirst Bart then David...
David_RiebenOr is it better to leave the secondary floating?
Dr_SparkCool, will give you a call next week, Hank just ride up with me on your HD
PhillipNever let the secondary float.
cameronhe meant primary
HankensteinDid I hear ROAD TRIP???
Johni think secondary=primary
David_RiebenYeah, sorry, I meant primary.
TerryBlakefloat secondary = bipolar coil
JParisseI would love to have a coiling event and I would love to sell the broadcast rights... I think the time is right but I don't want to step on the already established events.... I'd do something... well.... Hollywood!
JParisseRoad trip.... yeah baby.....
cameronstep on? there's only a few and certainly room for more.
JParisseok onto dAVID'S q....
TerryBlakedo u know the sparkdodger Fres?
BartBAndersonWell consider it... some event may wind down in the future..
PhillipI'd fly out.
cameronme too
PhillipI'll bring my little DR ;)
JParisseWe connect all the console grounds and ground them to house power. The RF ground is seperate and usually a welding cable to nearby steel or copper pipe
cameronand i'd drag david :)
HankensteinChris..."Stubzilla" will fit on the back of the Harley....let's go!
PhillipKicking and screaming if necessary.
JParissewhat was the q again?
BartBAndersonHell, Jeff, you've got to chat with us more... even your guru's there at KVA would be nice
David_RiebenAbout is it good to ground the base of the primary and secondary common to RF ground?
JParisseNo... I never do that...
PhillipSessions could just last longer than 2 hours.
JParisseThe primary and secondary are seperate systems
JParisseI DO have a feature I do not see elsewhere
HankensteinMaybe we need to get a 75 meter net going....more reliable
JParisseI have a ball gap on the inside of the primary to RF ground....
PhillipSee David, the pros float the primary :)
BartBAndersonand what is that Jeff?
JParissethe pros DO float the primary
David_RiebenWell, Jeff, the only problem I have is that I did run mine that way problem free but as soon as I did seperate them per Phillip's nagging, I started having big problems with HV flashovers getting back into the LV side of my control panel!
JParisseif the primary gets hit the gap shunts the HV to ground
cameron(phillip's nagging)
HankensteinI float the pri on zotzilla
JParisseif the cap overvolts it grounds through the primary (low resistance)
BartBAndersonBut Jeff, it does that in both situations
BartBAndersonIt just does
David_RiebenGuess I'll have to continue running mine the "non-pro" way. ;)
PhillipI like gap from primary idea.
BartBAndersonOH damn, starting feel like TCML... hehe
TerryBlakeno strike rails for jeff
PhillipI like putting a safety gap at the main gap.
David_RiebenAs that's the way that didn't net me a hwole bunch of HV kickbacks into my control panel.
cameronwish bert was here... it would be nice to really hash this one out... i float as well, just don't nag
BartBAndersonor for Bart
JParissenope... primary hits go to ground through the ball gap
PhillipThis way when the cap over volts it just dumps through the primary.
David_Riebenhehe, Cameron
PhillipI kinda don't care now.
PhillipI run DRs :)
PhillipThey're better.
PiranhaTop arcs to the primary is a giant "the devil is in the details" problem...
Johnme to :)
JParisseOK guys... my two hours of fame are over
Dr_SparkDRs get boring after 7 years
Johnsee ya
JParissethanks for allowing me to host this chat....
PhillipThanks for being here.
Hankenstein15 yearss on same cap....quality build
cameronThank you Jeff!
Johnglad you joined us tonight
BartBAndersonThank You Jeff!! a bunch.. don't be a stranger here.
David_RiebenGood to chat with you.
Dr_SparkThanks Jeff, will go back to under ground!
JParisseman this was fun... I'm working on a lineup so we can do this one per month....
TerryBlakethanx jeff
HankensteinThanks again, Jeff much appreciated
cameronsounds good!
JParissenot underground just on vacation... ;-)
JParissethank YOU... you guys are great and I feel welcome here. Thanks again... Jeff Out...