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Nikola Who?

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May 4th, 1993
International Tesla Society Logo In suburban Lakeside on the outskirts of Richmond, sometimes the lights suddenly go out. Portable phones click dead in mid-conversation for no apparent reason. Answering machine tapes inexplicably are erased. A high-pitched sound is heard on weekend afternoons. Like a banshee power saw, 110 shrieking decibels come from the mysterious building behind Robert L. Hull's house. “If they knew what is going on over here...,” Hull says of his neighbors, pausing. “People are still very Frankensteinian in their knowledge of electricity. But nobody has come over here yet... continue reading »

Nikola Tesla, a Bizarra Genius, Is Getting His Due

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September 1st, 1984
New York — The world of science is belatedly recognizing one of its most important, eccentric and enigmatic inventors, Nikola Tesla. A century after he arrived penniless on the docks of New York City, Tesla is receiving credit for achievements that outdid those of his contemporaries, Thomas Edison and Guglielmo Marconi. And more than 40 years after the recluse died in a Manhattan hotel room, in the company of the pigeons who were his favorite companions in the final years of his life, he is being elevated to the pantheon of the world's great inventors. It was Nikola Tesla, not Marconi, who... continue reading »

Tesla Down — Electrict Bill Wins

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May 20th, 1974
Obsessed with electrifying the earth, Nikola Tesla the electricity wizard, signaled an assistant to close the switch, then jerk it quickly. There was no short circuit in the Frankensteinesque laboratory on the plains east of Colorado Springs. Instead, a Madusa-headed fire flowed around the secondary. There was a crackling, a sharp report from the three foot caper ball high above the barn-like building. Another try convinced Tesla all was ready for the ultimate experiment for which he had arrived in Colorado Springs May 17, 1899 — to prove the possibility of a world wide wireless superpower... continue reading »

Tesla Left No Will

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January 22nd, 1943
Nephew Says Only Estate Consists of Research Data, Models Nikola Tesla, electrical inventor and designer, who developed the inventions that became the bases of modern hydroelectric power, left no will and no estate except research data and models, according to papers filed yesterday in Surrogate's Court. Letters of administration were granted to Dr. Tesla's nephew, Sava N. Kosanovich of 112 Central Park South. Mr. Kosanovich is a national of Yugoslavia, although Dr. Tesla, who died Jan. 7 at the age of 86, was a United States citizen. In his petition, the nephew listed the estate as of “value... continue reading »

2,000 Are Present At Tesla Funeral

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January 13th, 1943
Cathedral of St. John the Divine Is Scene of Yugoslav State Function for Scientist Great in Science Attend Ambassador Fotitch Heads the Procession of Mourners — Bishop Manning Assists Inventors, Nobel Price winners, leaders in the electrical arts, high officials of the Yugoslav Government and of New York, and men and women who attained distinction in many other fields paid tribute yesterday to Nikola Tesla, father of radio and of modern electrical generation and transmission systems, at an impressive funeral service in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. The service, conducted in Serbian by... continue reading »

Device to Harness Cosmic Energy Claimed by Tesla

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November 1st, 1933
Predicts New Power Will Soon Displace All Present Fuels; Could Be Wirelessed. NIKOLA TESLA - Sees New Power in Universal Use. Nikola Tesla, the celebrated physicist, recognized in the scientific world as the foremost living inventor, announces that “at a date not distant” a new source of power will be available everywhere, displacing coal, oil, gas, and the other established fuels of industry. The inventor authorizes the statement that the mechanism which is designed to revolutionize industry will be when he presents it as his crowning achievement in the field of applied science, the result... continue reading »

The Sun's Rays

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August 5th, 1933
They Smiled at Tesla's Radio Vision Recalling What the Great Scientist Had Prophesied Many Years Ago. It is not necessary to explore the map to realize that the desolate spot on the far and frozen Anadyr River where Mattern was forced down is indeed remote. For it was beyond the utmost reaches of the radio. Reliance upon that encircling service was considered worldwide, which practically it is. But it was the misfortune or distinction of the youthful and intrepid Texan who rides clouds instead of cattle to come to earth in a No Man's Land of emptiness and ice beyond the regions of the radio... continue reading »

Tesla Predicts New Source of Power in Year

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July 9th, 1933
Scientist, 77 Tomorrow, to Reveal Result of Half Lifetime's Study Soon Cheap Energy for All Declares Generators Will Run 500 Years Unrenewed A Scientist at 77 - Nikola Tesla Dr. Nikola Tesla, who will be seventy-seven years old tomorrow, looked back yesterday over a lifetime in which he has been variously called a madman and a wizard of electricity and told of his plans for the tapping of a new source of energy so vast and so revolutionary in effect that he predicts he will be remembered for this alone. This problem he has worked on for thirty-five years and within the next year he will be... continue reading »

Chewing Gum More Fatal Than Rum, Says Tesla

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August 10th, 1932
(Nikola Tesla, dean of inventors at 76 and pioneer of radio, believes it is essential for the welfare of the country that prohibition end soon. In this article, which he wrote for the World-Telegram, he expresses somewhat unusual arguments against it.) Much has been said about prohibition and its disastrous consequences, but the sheer folly and perniciousness of this measure cannot be fully appreciated until it is considered from the scientific point of view. It then appears not only unsound in principle but utterly devoid of validity. Chiefly as a result of dry propaganda people have been... continue reading »

Sea-Power Plant Designed By Tesla

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November 8th, 1931
He Holds Steam Can Be Made Economically by Using Different Temperatures of Ocean. PLANS LAND DEVICE, TOO Both Embody Improvements in Wollaston's Toy, Says Scientist — Tests to Be Made Soon. Apparatus designed by Dr. Nikola Tesla by which it is proposed to utilize the warmth of one layer brought into contact with the coldness of another to operate great power plants. Designs of two new power plants, one to utilize the heat below the surface of the earth, the other to take advantage of the difference in temperature between upper and lower levels of the ocean, pre announced by Dr. Nikola Tesla,... continue reading »