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May 13th, 1899: Tesla Lectures In Chicago

On the way to Colorado Springs, Colorado, Tesla first stops in Chicago, Illinois for his "Teleautomatics" address/demonstration before a meeting of the Commercial Club.

May 17th, 1899: Tesla Arrives In Colorado

Tesla arrives in Colorado Springs to continue high-voltage/high-frequency experiments that had become too large for his New York lab. He stayed at the Alta Vista Hotel in room 207.

June 15th, 1899: Experiments Begin In Colorado

The first experiments in Colorado Springs Experimental Station were performed. Tesla records his initial spark length at five inches long, but very thick and noisy.

July 3rd, 1899: Terrestrial Stationary Waves

Tesla claimed discovery of a new geo-electrical phenomenon, which he said would allow for the transport of electricity around the world. Terrestrial stationary waves were first observed by Tesla and formed the basis for his wireless energy transfer plans and wireless communications.

1899: Tesla Moves To Waldorf-Astoria

Upon receiving a $100,000.00 investment from John Jacob Astor, Tesla promptly moved into the Waldorf-Astoria, which Astor owned. It was, at the time, the world's tallest building and is described as "extolling the essence of exclusiveness, cordiality, pomposity, and elegant grandiosity to the masses."

1899: Tesla Listens To The Stars

Working late one night on his powerful and sensitive radio receiver, Tesla observed strange rhythmic pulses on the receiver. He concluded that there was no possible explanation other than some effort was being made to communicate with Earth by creatures from another planet. Tesla reveals the discovery and is highly criticized.

The Alta Vista Hotel letterhead from the time when Tesla stayed there.
The Alta Vista Hotel letterhead from the time when Tesla stayed there.
The Alta Vista Hotel letterhead from the time when Tesla stayed there. Discharge from the top of "extra coil," produced by a single closure of the circuit of very short duration. Interior of Colorado Springs Laboratory. Room 207 of the Alta Vista Hotel where Tesla stayed. Colorado Springs, Colorado with Pikes Peak in the background. View of interior, chiefly showing condensers, break motor and regulating coil in primary of oscillator. Westinghouse high tension transformer, supply transformers and arresters in background. Probably the most famous photograph of Tesla, a double exposure with him seated below massive streamers. Colorado Springs, Colorado from around the time Tesla was there. Waldorf-Astoria letterhead from the time when Tesla resided there. The Alta Vista Hotel where Tesla stayed in Colorado Springs. View of the laboratory from the Pike's Peak side. Colorado Springs experimental station with Union Printers Home in the background. The world famous Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York from around the time Tesla stayed there.