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November 14th, 1956: Sava N. Kosanović Dies

A little over a year after seeing his uncle's legacy established in the museum he helped create, Sava N. Kosanović died in Belgrade.

1956: Birthplace Opened As Memorial

The birthplace of Tesla housed an exhibition of a parochial house from the second half of the 19th century, which included Tesla's personal objects and copies of models of his inventions. Next to Tesla's house there was a farmhouse which served for displaying and storing the ethnographic and cultural and historical material. All the items were inventoried as a part of the Museum of Lika in Gospić.

1956: Monument Erected In Zagreb

Ivan Meštrović completes the large statue of Tesla and presents it as a special gift to the Ruđer Bošković Institute in Zagreb where it stood until 2006, at which time it was moved to Nikola Tesla St. in Zagreb's city center after being renovated and in connection with the celebration of the 150th anniversary of Tesla's birth.

The church at Tesla's birthplace where his father was pastor.
The church at Tesla's birthplace where his father was pastor.
The church at Tesla's birthplace where his father was pastor. A close-up of the Tesla monument created by Ivan Meštrović. The full size version of the Tesla sculpture by Ivan Meštrović. Tesla's birth home after its second renovation. The Tesla monument at its new home on Nikola Tesla St. in Zagreb, Croatia. Sava N. Kosanović, Yugoslavian diplomat and Tesla's nephew.